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UMM offers a wide range of opportunities for students, but also for universities and practitioners.

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People that are involved in the financial inclusion field can take there benefits from UMM activities. The wide set of activities is based on the following four pillars:

Microfinance Education

Within the field of UMM Microfinance Education it is possible to learn how to understand major development issues and how to investigate sustainable approaches. One of the aims is to improve living conditions in developing countries and of course also in Europe.

How you can benefit from Microfinance Education:

There are several pillars within the wide field of UMM microfinance education. One major pillar is named seminars. Within this pillar, students have the chance to get first class financial information by taking part in seminars.

The UMM has partnerships with several European universities. Within the seminar program, more than 15 seminars are available every year.

Another important pillar is the field of Course outline. One the Website of Microfinance Education you can get an overview about the UMM Seminar lists.

Microfinance Learning is a process of developing own skills in the field of microfinance eLearning. Within the eLearning course you can easily focus on core topics and issues of UMM activities. The eCourse of UMM is available for all students.

UMM offers a so called Training of Trainiers, ToT. This programs supports the academic staff to prepare courses and to deliver microfinance stuff with high quality. The Tot ensures that academics learn how to teach their knowledge to students. Also students can take part at the ToT program, if they are on an advanced stage of their microfinance or financial inclusion studies.

Microfinance Workshops & Events

In the field UMM Microfinance Workshops & Events our goal is to bring together actors from financial inclusion sector. This includes practitioners as well as professors, experts and students. Within the Workshops & Events Section we will generate a fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Microfinance Research

In the section called UMM Microfinance Research students are allowed to explode in-depth in specific issues. This can help them to get a better understanding and to get some insights in the wider context of the financial inclusion sector.

Microfinance Publications

Die UMM Publications are generated from all UMM activities. The aim is to share our results and scientific expertise with the general public and of course also to microfinance stakeholders.

e-mfp UMM Action Group


In the year 2010 the European Microfinance Platform, called e-mfp created the e-mfp Action Group, named “UMM”. The Actoin Group has been designed to contribute to student´s research activities and to foster microfinance education.


Example: e-MFP Digital Innovations for Financial Empowerment

To give an example the e-MFP Digital Innovation for Financial Empowerment Action Group focusses on the issue of microfinance and financial inclusion professionals with on the ground experience in the field of digital, electronic and mobile finance operations.


Within this Action Group one of the major aims is to focus on technology in the microfinance sector and how to benefit from the usage of modern technologies. The Action Group tries to identify best practise for partnerships and regulation activities. We try to design technical solutions and also complete business models as well as technical and financial assistance. All members of the Action Group can profit from the achievements in this wide and interesting area of technical expertise and microfinance knowledge. Within the paste there have been a lot of interesting action groups, where all participants developed new skills. So finally taking part in an action group is beneficial for nearly everyone.

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